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A Bit About Us

Co-founder Mbarek grew up in the small town of Aourir, located 1km south of our base in Tamraght. A natural explorer from a young age, Mbarek recalls learning to swim and fish in the local Oued Sous River, exploring the nearby mountains and discovering the depths of the valleys at any opportunity.  Mbarek leads hikes from the heart with his infectious love of the great outdoors shining through from start to finish! 

Mbarek’s wife Charlotte is the other half of Berber Hiking, a British born nature lover who came to Morocco to explore a new land and fell in love with more than just the country! Charlotte grew up in the South West of England, where every summer was spent camping, walking coastal paths, climbing mountains and trying to surf!

Berber Hiking allows tourists to understand the true magic in this land through the eyes of a local. Not only do our guides know all sorts of useful tips about what natural plants can be used for medicine, or where to find prehistoric fossils, but will also introduce you to local families who couldn’t be more charming, offering tea and local homemade delicacies to try, plus a fascinating insight into local countryside life. 

If you’re looking for truly unique experience, Berber Hiking offers a one-of-a-kind adventure, full of heart-warming stories, traditional knowledge that can’t be found on the internet and the opportunity to become immersed in both culture and history.  

Mbarek and Charlotte also run a surf and yoga camp in Tamraght – Offshore Surf Morocco. Catch them in the surf when they aren’t in the mountains!